There are times you need some arcane information about your performance, system work, and technology on your PC, especially all these hard to read, difficult to find, and impossible to capture by default Microsoft Windows program. HWMonitor for PC Windows is a hardware information and diagnostic tool developed by CPUID for Microsoft Windows, like HWiNFO. The application will monitoring and provide guidance or description about your hardware computer, the program that reads PC systems main health sensors, voltages, temperatures, fans speed. It’s good to monitor your hardware which can help to read the hardware information and monitoring.

License: Free
Author: CPUID
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Language: English
File Name: HWMonitor for Windows 32 and 64 bit setup
File Size:

HWMonitor Overview

The program handles the most common sensor chips Intel and AMD. HWMonitor gives detailed info about Processor, RAM, Graphics Card, Hard Disk, Lan, USB in your device. The CPU: model, cores, clusters, family, abi, governor, frequency, the GPU: model, vendor, OpenGL, frequency, list of extensions, the System about complete info about your firmware build, Memory: type DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and for some devices operating frequency. You can go to the memory tab and see the usage of memory and storage.

HWMonitor is hardware information for PC Windows with detailed information about your PC Hardware. It works great, does what it says, super lightweight, recommended by reviewers. It’s easy to remove the application from your computer, you can remove the program either from the Add or Remove Programs window from the control panel setting, or choose to manually uninstall HWMonitor from the start menu, programs, CPUID, HWMonitor.

If another application was detecting the wrong hardware model, sensor, and diagnostic about your PC performance, this one, which is showing you the right and complete CPU info and diagnostic tool, so it’s all good now. The problem is that you may be doubting the accuracy of this kind of app, try it right now. Because the other application got the wrong CPU model and Device Info can’t show CPU, GPU, RAM, Mainboard, Hard Disk and etc, you must try HWMonitor for your PC desktop.

Features of HWMonitor for PC

  • Free Hardware Information tools
  • In-depth Hardware Information
  • Customizable interface with a variety of options
  • Always up-to-date
  • Real-Time System Monitoring
  • Multiple types of reports, status logging, and interfacing
  • Powerful system information tools for Windows
  • Comprehensive Hardware Information

System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core 1 Ghz
  • RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  • Hard Disk: 512 Mb Hard Disk Space
  • Video Graphics: Intel GMA Graphics or AMD equivalent

All programs and games not hosted on our site. If you own the copyrights is listed on our website and you want to remove it, please contact us. HWMonitor is licensed as freeware or free, for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system without restriction.

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