ViGEm Bus Driver

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your kit is compatible with every PC game, regardless if it was specially designed for Xbox, PS3, or a HOTAS (Hands-On Throttle And Stick) setup. With the ViGEm Driver, you have the freedom and flexibility to expand your virtual game controller setup in any way you want. So you want to play PC games with your X360 controller, eh? Welcome to the ViGEm project.

License: Free
Author: Nefarius
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Language: English
File Name: ViGEm Bus Driver for Windows 32 and 64 bit setup
File Size:

ViGEm Bus Driver Free Download for PC

The Virtual Gamepad Emulation Framework, or ViGEm, is a kernel-mode driver framework based on research into how gamepads work and enables software-based emulations of standard devices such as joysticks and gamepads as well as per-user custom devices. The ViGEm emulator core provides a 100% software-based implementation of USB HID game controllers and represents the core component of the ViGEm Windows Kernel-Mode Driver Framework. The ViGEm client libraries offer software developers the ability to provide their end-users with a virtual gaming device experience on any computer running a Microsoft operating system.

Features include a 100% software-based kernel-mode driver with no hardware dependencies, Completely transparent to games, emulators, and other processes, and Full support for all major gamepads available today. Available as source code under the GPL license. ViGEm allows you to emulate one or more well-known USB game controllers, keyboards, and mouse devices as virtual devices. This will let you play PC Windows games (and even emulate Xbox 360 controllers) using the keyboards, mice, and joysticks of your choice, thereby eliminating the need for native support. Ultimately it is intended to be an open and flexible standard that can be utilized by other software to allow gaming peripherals.

One of the standout features of the ViGEm Bus Driver is its versatility. Whether you’re a PC gamer looking to use a PlayStation controller or an Xbox enthusiast wanting to try a different peripheral, this software has you covered. With support for a wide range of gaming controllers, the possibilities are virtually endless. The software comes with a straightforward installation process, accompanied by user-friendly instructions that guide you through each step. Within minutes, you’ll have the driver up and running, ready to enhance your gaming experience.

To cater to individual preferences and gaming styles, the ViGEm Bus Driver offers a range of customization options. From adjusting controller sensitivity to mapping buttons and triggers, users have the freedom to personalize their gaming experience to suit their needs. This level of customization enhances immersion and comfort, allowing for a more enjoyable gaming session.

Overall, ViGEm enables games and other processes to use your favorite USB game controllers directly, with no modification required. As all devices are purely software-based, there is no need to install any “wrapping” driver and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Features of ViGEm Bus Driver for PC

  • Use within games without modifying the said game
  • Use a different controller of your choice in PS4 Remote Play
  • Compatible with x360ce (prior to version 4.x)
  • Reach of your input device (like sending traffic to a different machine over a network)
  • Test/benchmark your game and need a replay mechanism for your user inputs
  • Work around player slot assignment order issues in XInput

System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core Processor 3 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 Gb RAM
  • Hard Disk: 2 Gb Hard Disk Space
  • Video Graphics: Intel Graphics or AMD equivalent

How to Download and Install ViGEm Bus Driver for Free

  1. Start by clicking the Download button to get the file.
  2. Once the download is complete, initiate the installation process by clicking on the downloaded file. Grant permissions for any necessary system changes.
  3. The installer interface will appear. Agree to the terms by clicking “Accept” to start the software installation.
  4. You have the option to create both a desktop shortcut and a quick launch shortcut by selecting the corresponding boxes. After you made a decision, click Next.
  5. After installation, the application will automatically launch, allowing you to dive straight into using ViGEm Bus Driver.

Select the provided link to initiate the free download of ViGEm Bus Driver. The download package is a full offline installer standalone setup for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system.

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